30 Day Publish your Book on Challenge

If you have an eBook that you’ve written, possibly as a result of the 30 Day Write an eBook Challenge, then let us help you take it to the next level and show you how to publish your eBook on Kindle.

This 30 Day challenge will show you:


  • How to set up your Amazon Kindle account
  • Our tips and tricks on how to format your book so that it looks right on Kindle
  • How to price and market your book
  • How to set up your Amazon Author page
  • What you should include in your Kindle book
  • How to ensure your book is found on Kindle
  • How to set up your Amazon Author page
  • and more!

This book will take you through the minefield of self publishing on Kindle.

Praise for the 30 Day Publish your Book on Kindle Challenge:

The 30 Day Publish your Book on Kindle Challenge:
This is a great overview of the key steps to getting your book published on kindle. It takes you through practical details like formatting your document and getting your book cover done to getting ready to sell your book on amazon. It’s presented in a clear and easy to read style and really makes it doable that you’ll have your kindle friendly book in 30 days. I’ll definitely be giving it a go!
Fiona, adoption coach and founder of AdoptResources www.adoptresources.co.uk
Loved reading your Kindle guide last night. Very clear and concise #30daychallenge
Alison Cooper, Arc Virtual (via Twitter)
Helen has really become an authority on Kindle publishing and this book clearly demonstrates her expertise. All areas are covered from initial planning through to publishing and marketing and then measuring sales. Everything is explained in clear no nonsense language and with each day having a specific task the reader is ‘mentored’ towards becoming a Kindle author. I learnt lots from reading this book and I’ve already got my own book out there on Kindle.

Helen shows the reader a step at a time that it is possible to become a published Kindle author in 30 days and I highly recommend that if this is something you want to do that you take Helen’s book along with you on that journey! You won’t regret it.

Gary Gorman

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