You know you need to be on Twitter but you still don’t “get it”.  Neither did I.  I was a facebook gal, through and through, how on earth could I communicate in just 140 characters? I was used to a whole facebook status to play with, and couldn’t see how it could work.

So, how am I qualified to write this book? I’m not really, I’m just a simple northern lass who found a way to make Twitter work for her, and it’s that journey that I am going to share here with you.  I’m not saying that this will work for everyone, but it has worked for me, and if nothing else, it will help take some of the mystery out of Twitter for you.  I would however like to point out that in the space of just a few months I personally had six Clients who could all be attributed to Twitter and this number has grown considerably since then, I know of other contacts who have also had success with Twitter, so I am talking from direct experience here, I would say over 90% of my business can now be attributed back to Twitter.

Before we go any further though, I do feel I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Nikki Pilkington of, it was talking to Nikki in a forum that convinced me I should give Twitter a go, and it was some training from Nikki that got me started on the way to the Twitter addict that I am these days.

I joined Twitter in April 2009, and didn’t really do anything with it at all till I started following Nikki’s training in October 2009.  This coincided with me setting up my own Virtual Assistant business in the September.  I knew that working as a Virtual Assistant it was vital for me to build relationships via social media, and so far I had really only concentrated my efforts on forums.

To give you an idea of how far I came in a very short time, in just 279 days I had amassed 1028 followers (after culling but more on that later) and had generated over 8000 tweets.  Now at the time of revising the book I have over 3000 followers and have generated over 46,000 tweets, you could say I am a bit of a Twitter Addict!

Praise for How to Get Started on Twitter and Generate Business:

“A superby guide for the beginer and novice a -like, written in clear consise easily understandable language, offering genuinely interesting and useful insight into how to utilise Twitter for business purposes.

This E-book represents excellent value for money when compared to many SEO and Social Media managers who often quote four figure sums to set up your ‘Social Media’ and then £xxx per month to do something which using this easy to follow guide, you can litterally do yourself in very little time.

The Author of this book clearly has a lot of experience in the field of Social media, and has a weath of experience both on a practical and pastoral level, providing genuine insight and reasoned discussions behind stratagies discussed, and the various methods of implementation.

There is something in here for every user, from complete novice to experienced pro-user, for less than a cup of Latte, its a no risk purchase. I’m glad ive taken the time to readthis and begin to implement the ideas to develop my own business presance on social media.”

Tower Travel

“I would highly recommend this book to anyone who uses or wants to use Twitter.
It is easy to read, explains things in simple terms and gives you instructions on how to get going so you are up and running in minutes.
Can be read in 30 minutes and you can apply what you read only seconds later. ”

Paul Cox

“Helen’s easy to read and easy to use book simplifies Twitter for the uninitiated. I know now how to get the best from my Twitter account especially with a view to growing my business. Thanks Helen!”

The Red Shoes Coach

“Helen really knows how to make the most out of Twitter, and most importantly I know that she winning new work through Twitter. This book can help you make the most of your time.”

Maggie Langley, Office Hounds

“Helen Stothard’s ‘I Don’t Get Twitter’ guide coaxed me gently and logically into the wonderful world of Twitter. Written in no-nonsense, plain speaking English, it guided me through those crucial ‘getting started’ steps, to a clear understanding of Twitter activity. It’s a fab guide for Twitter novices looking for a ‘way in’ and I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

Victoria Clarke

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