The A to Z of Smal Business Tools is a directory of some of the tools that I use in the day to day running of my  business.  These are the tools that save me time, make me more efficient for my clients and help me run my business more smoothly.

This book is designed to help you  at all stages of your career; for those who are just starting out I hope this will give some idea of the resources available to assist in your future ventures, and for those who have been working on your own business for a while, I hope these tools will help you streamline both your client and business tasks, to save time in all aspects of your organisation.

The small business tools in this book range from information for you to consider during the set-up process, to online resources to assist you with the running of your business.  Furthermore, most of them are free, or offer a trial version, so you can try them and experience how they can work for you.

As you can imagine, there are many more resources available than are listed in this book.  In the A to Z of Small Business Tools, I’ve listed the ones that are my favourites; I love to use them and they have had the biggest positive impact on my business.

Praise for the A to Z of Small Business Tools:

“I learned more from reading this book than from any ‘Greatest Top Ten’ lists! With resources to help streamline your business, reach new customers, save time and make more money, this would be ideal for any business owner!”
Nikki Pilkington, Social Media Marketing Support  

“From the opening chapter the author Helen Stothard takes you by the hand and skilfully guides you through the maze that is the electronic app world, at every step describing and explaining their use, especially from the small business persons perspective.

Helen, owner of clearly understands the requirements of today’s modern small business, and although offers simple and clear advice, also discusses quite complex and advanced strategies, perfect for both first time business start up or seasoned serial entrepreneur.

Having been a business owner myself for 10 years, I was quite happy to believe that this dog had seen most of the tricks of the trade, yet Helen managed to bring me bang upto date in many areas, and has proved my offices business communications systems efficiency, hopefully saving my organisation valuable time, whilst allowing it to appear to offer better customer services to clients.

I would highly recomend this book to not just the small business owner, but I would also encourage any business executive, or mumpreneur or blogger to reach to the virtual bookShelf and pull down a copy of this business persons Bible of how to !”
Tower Travel 

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Please note that if you are a Virtual Assistant then you may prefer the A to Z of Virtual Assistant Tools which has very similar content but is more relevant to the VA industry.