Attaching Electronic Documents in Xero

Jun 16, 2011 by

by Nicola Wilson

When creating an accounts payable invoice, a scanned copy of the original invoice can be attached. If your suppliers send you pdf invoices via email, it is even easier, you save a copy and then attach it to the transaction. The original invoice can then be quickly and easily viewed by clicking on the link. No more searching through a lever arch file of paper invoices, a shared folder on the server or in dropbox.

This can be especially useful if your clients input the purchase invoices as you can conveniently view the original paperwork to make sure the transaction has been allocated to the appropriate account and the VAT is correctly recorded. This is a big step towards the end of envelopes of purchase invoices and receipts being sent between clients and VAs, saving an immense amount of time on administration.

Electronic copies of receipts can also be attached to expense claims for easy approval. No more printing out the claim and attaching the receipts. No more lost receipts.

Anything that improves being swamped with paperwork, makes life simpler and saves time, has my stamp of approval, as I’m sure it does for you.


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  1. Hi Nicola. Great article. A closer step to removing the stacks of paperwork that drown us all. Do you know if it is easy to get your uploaded data back if you left Xero?

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