Capsule CRM now has mobile app

Oct 2, 2013 by

My favourite CRM system Capsule CRM has recently launched their mobile app via app stores.  Previously it was a desktop shortcut on your phone or tablet, now you can log onto the Apple or Android app stores and download the app straight to your device.  (Blackberry users still need to use the old desktop shortcut but would consider it if there was enough interest).

Key changes in the new app include:

  • A fresh new user interface with smoother transitions
  • Syncing of opportunities and cases so you can access and update these even when you’re offline in the same way as contacts
  • Expanded contact information including social network details
  • Live scrolling on the contacts list so you can either search or scroll to find a contact
  • More advanced controls such as specific date input for tasks
  • A new menu based navigation to better handle the expanded content and shortcuts to recently accessed records


If you haven’t yet come across Capsule CRM it’s a fantastic system, very simple to use, which means it’s also very effective!  You can download a free trial of Capsule CRM.

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