Capsule CRM: so much more than an address book

Capsule CRM: so much more than an address book

Capsule is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system that will allow you to integrate your accounts, newsletter and website contact form in one place.


You can import your existing contacts via .csv spreadsheet, .vcf file, from LinkedIn or Outlook.  It’s a good idea before you do this to really think about what you want to get out of the system once it’s up and running. Add tags or notes at this stage, it saves you a lot of time on updates later on.


You can use cases to manage specific projects or events.  This creates an area where you can bring different contacts together, for example, a client who is a builder creates a case for each building project.  We link this to the client, then add contacts such as the plumber, carpenter and plasterer.  This way if we have a query relating to the project we know exactly who was working on it, and can have notes and tasks related to the project in one place.  We can then view this case from any of the relevant contact records.  We have also used cases for event management to monitor who attended events.  You can send one email to everyone involved in the case, so this is a great time saver.


This is used to manage your sales pipeline.  You can keep an eye on the proposals that you have submitted, track the likelihood of the proposal being accepted and also assign tasks to a particular opportunity.

Email Dropbox

Using the email dropbox function you can copy all your emails into the contact record, be they incoming or outgoing.  You can set up your email client with a forwarding rule so that all incoming mail goes into your database but take care that all your personal mail doesn’t end up in there as well. 

For Google Apps users there is a contextual gadget add in which makes it even easier to create or update contacts from your Google Mail inbox.


You can choose to receive a daily reminder of your tasks in your email inbox.  If you wish you can assign tasks to a contact or just set a personal reminder, and you can view your outstanding tasks on the task calendar as well as from within the contact record.


There is a mobile phone application which is accessible via any mobile phone with a web browser.  This allows you to view contact information, history, make calls and send emails, you will also be able to add, snooze or complete tasks whilst out and about.


Capsule allows integration with other tools such as Xero, MailChimp and your website contact form.  All of which reduces the amount of data entry and duplication. There are several other add ons or integrations available.

Free Trial

It’s simple user interface makes it easy to learn, and you can sign up for a free trial.

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