CapsuleCRM launches mobile crm application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

May 9, 2011 by

I was recently given the opportunity to be one of the beta testers on the new CapsuleCRM mobile app.  What a great new tool, and it just adds even more flexibility to the existing CapsuleCRM product.

If you haven’t heard of CapsuleCRM yet you can sign up for a free trial from their website.

CapsuleCRM allows you to keep track of your contacts, your correspondence with them, sales opportunities and cases (we use cases a lot for event management for clients).

If you are interested in our CapsuleCRM introduction webinar you can book your tickets online.

But we’re not looking at their web based offering today, we’re looking at what you can do from your mobile phone!

CapsuleCRM mobile isn’t a traditional app that’s available from the app store.  Its designed using html5 and runs on:

  • iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4
  • Android phones running Android 2.1+ such as Motorola Droid X, Motorola Droid 2, HTC Evo, Samsung Galaxy S
  • BlackBerry phones running BlackBerry OS 6 such as BlackBerry Bold and Torch

Now the app doesn’t have the full functionality of the web based system but it does give users out on the move access to their data.  From within the app you can:

  • Recent Activity – shows you the recent activity dashboard for your account
  • Contacts – you can add, edit or view contacts.  From within the contact record you can see contact details, send an email (copies it into dropbox automatically), view and add tasks, view recent notes and emails and add notes.  If you click on a contact phone number it will dial the call for you. If you view a company record it links through to the individual contact records as well.
  • Tasks – you can add tasks, edit tasks, snooze tasks or mark them complete (I particularly like the snooze option)

The great thing about the application is that it is not just static data you are viewing, you can edit it, create it, delete it as you like, and when you get back to the office you don’t have to sync your device, whats on your phone is what’s on the web based system.

Whilst CapsuleCRM would agree there is room for improvement in the app, I for one sent them a long wishlist to go along with the one I sent them for the web system, they are constantly striving to evolve and improve the product for the client.  They listen to what the end user wants and needs from the system and develop the product to meet those needs.  The feature that I think most users, particularly mobile users,  would like to see is a calendar integration.

The current integration with Google Apps is excellent, it just needs to go the next step and make it a two way communication, and then feed the calendar option into the mobile version as well.

For a product that is still being classed as being in beta I have been pleased with its performance, and as someone who relies a lot on mobile systems am finding it an excellent resource and addition to my phone.

If you would like to download this phone application you can find the installation instructions for CapsuleCRM Mobile application on their website, and for the geeks among you there is also an explanation why they chose not to use the traditional app store solution but went for the native option instead.

Sign up for your free trial of CapsuleCRM today and find out why it’s such a great tool for your business!


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