Do you really need that fax machine?

Mar 14, 2012 by

I called at the vets today for some cat food and overheard the receptionist advise another customer that the card machine had to wait until the fax had finished receiving.  It was a problem that they had.

Of course, having my Virtual head on all the time, when it came to my turn I asked her if she had ever heard of fax to email and she hadn’t.  It made me realise that a lot of my readers might not have heard of it either.

You can get a free fax number (the caller pays the cost of the call) that delivers your incoming faxes direct to your email inbox.  ‘But why would I want that?’ asked one client. ‘Easy’ I replied. ‘It will save you money!’

Of course there are so many more benefits to ditching the fax machine:

  • No need to run a separate fax line including line rental – this represents a considerable saving
  • Printing from a fax machine often costs more than printing from a printer
  • No reams of junk faxes cluttering up your fax machine and wasting paper and ink
  • You don’t have to print the fax if you don’t want to
  • Your fax comes in as a pdf document to an email address of your choosing, this means you can save it to your pc without having to scan it in, you can just attach it to a client record in your CRM at the click of a button
  • Because it’s a pdf you can share it quickly and easily with colleagues without having the expense of faxing it on, just send the pdf via email
  • You clear desk space! Do you really need a telephone extension pinned half way round the office, or have your office layout designed around the location of the fax and the telephone line
  • No lost faxes, faxes are stored on the fax number providers server so are accessible at a later date if needed.  How many times did you lose faxes because a machine was out of paper or miss an urgent fax because the machine was empty and no one noticed?
  • You can have a fax number for each department or employee who needs one – no need for reception to go running round the building with loose paperwork which then needs filing and recording

Let’s face it, how many faxes a day do you receive? It must be 18 months since I last received one and well over  a year since I last sent one.

My old provider ceased their service last year so I had to seek an alternative.  There are several that offer a paid service, and I do use Interfax for sending faxes when the occasion arises, but I chose to go with FaxPlus for receiving.  I believe they are hoping to add an sms sending service as well as a send from email to fax service at some point this year.  The set up was quick and easy and all done within a few minutes.


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