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It’s getting to that time of year when some of us are struggling to come up with ideas for loved ones for Christmas.  I am sure you know the feeling, they have nothing in particular they want or need, they have a wardrobe full of clothes already, and whatever you buy will probably stay in a bag unopened for the rest of the year and you can’t quite stretch to the car of their dreams!

However, if your loved one runs their own business have you ever considered buying them the gift of time? I’m not talking Rolex or Timex here, but buying them some outsourced assistance.

As a small business owner I am very much aware of the hours involved in running your own business, I don’t begrudge a moment of them, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to hand that task or project over to someone else. I know because I often hand projects over to my team.

The outsourced assistance could be anything from  Virtual Assistance or Call Answering from a company like HLS Business Solutions, to some coaching or mentoring from a professional coach, some management or tax advice from an Accountant or even buying them a ticket to a conference that would really help them run their business more successfully.

It’s not a business gift but a personal gift, you’re giving them back time that they can then spend with you, now how can they argue with that 🙂

So if you would be interested in buying your loved one some time give us a call today on 01904 890212 and we can discuss a bespoke gift that will lighten the load for your loved one.

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