Growth is a good thing

Growth is a good thing

One of the dangers in my role as an Executive Virtual Assistant is that if I do it well, I become a victim of my own success. My client’s business grows to the point where they no longer need my services and hire a permanent staff member to work from their office.

It is also one of the things that’s the most rewarding about my job. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from knowing that I helped nurture that client to the point where they had the systems in place and are confident that they are able to offer someone a full-time position.

Case in point. I’ve been working with a local mortgage advisor for a number of years, and advised him about CRM, VoIP and Dropbox way back when. I’ve done ad-hoc work over the years on systems and processes, and even answered the phone when needed.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to now help this client recruit a permanent member of staff for their office to take over from me. I’ll always be there in a consultant capacity, that’s a given, but now their business has grown to the point where they need the regular onsite support.

I’ve supported them through the whole recruitment process from writing the job specification, handling applications and suggesting a shortlist for interview. After jointly interviewing with him we are now setting up the office ready for the new starter, including planning the induction.

It’s been a really rewarding process, and I’m delighted at the calibre of candidates we interviewed. They’ve definitely chosen the right person to help their business flourish even more.

So don’t look at change as a bad thing, it’s positive. I’ve always believed that my role was to support the client and put systems and processes in place that would grow with them. This way when the time comes to take on additional staff the business has grown with them, there’s no panic about new software being required, it’s as seamless as possible.

So as I prepare to bid adieu for now to this client, I look forward to the next challenge that is going to come along.

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