Guest Blog: Why I use a VA and how she helps me by Nikki Pilkington

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I waited a long time before ‘getting’ a VA (Virtual Assistant) because I wasn’t sure that someone remote from me could help my business. How wrong was I?

Luckily I met Helen. Who has moved my business forwards in so many ways. Here are just a few ways she helps me:

1) She does my invoicing

Like a lot of small businesses, I am rubbish at invoicing. Before Helen, I would often do work and not invoice for months. She makes sure I invoice on time every time, whatever work I’ve done. She also introduced me to Xero, a cloud invoicing system that works really well.

2) She chases for payment

Sometimes people don’t pay on time – it’s the way things are these days. Not with Helen – I call her my Rottweiler, but really she’s more of a Persian cat, purring to my clients and making them WANT to pay on time.

3) She organises my life

If it’s in my diary, she makes damned sure I do it. Whether it be a webinar, SEO for a client, or putting the bins out, Helen is on the case making sure I’m on top of my stuff.

4) She proofreads my ebooks

This is one of the best things. I type as I think, and make typos more than anyone I know – Helen picks up on them and makes sure my ebooks don’t make me look stupid. (If you have one with typos in it, that’s because I released it before getting Helen to proof read it)

5) She publishes me on Kindle

I know, I could do this myself. But Helen does it so much better – I don’t have the time it takes to be messing around with Amazon. So Helen takes my ebook, sorts it out for Kindle and publishes it. Without her I wouldn’t have half the sales I do on Kindle.

6) She sorts out my webinars

Webinars are a nightmare. Fact. With Helen they’re not. Fact.

7) She’s a sounding board

I’m an ideas person, and not all of my ideas are good ones. So when I skype her telling her of my latest great idea, she’s great at cutting through the crap and making me realise whether something will work or not, She’s not been wrong yet!

8) She answers my phone

I hate phones. Helen takes my phone calls, ascertains whether the person calling actually needs to speak to me or not, and schedules in a call with me. Saves me from sales calls and lots of other irritations 🙂

9) She cares

Helen loves her clients. I was lucky enough to spend time with her recently and it is clear she sees every one of her clients as friends. Which means she looks out for them. And looks for opportunities for them. I’m proud to call her my friend.

So, if you’re running out of hours, finding things difficult or just don’t want to answer the phone, Helen is your gal 🙂 Get her on 01904 890212

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