Guest Blog:12 Questions people have about becoming self-employed or starting a business

Sep 27, 2011 by

by Antoinette Oglethorpe

A little while ago I ran a survey asking people to tell me what topics they would like covered in a series of free teleseminars and the key questions or challenges they would like help with in regard to becoming self-employed.

It seems that the top 12 questions people have about becoming self-employed or starting a business are:

  1. Is self-employment right for me?  Making the decision to become self-employed and start up on your own is a significant career move and people wonder whether it is the right thing that makes the best use of their gifts and talents, whether it will really help them realise their ambitions and if they have what it takes to make a success of it.


  1. How to I determine my business proposition?  While the independence and autonomy of self-employment is attractive, people aren’t always sure what their offering should be, how broad or narrow it should be and who it should appeal to.


  1. How do I maintain financial security during the set-up of the business?  People wonder how they would raise capital/finance and overcome the start-up period when there is a lack of steady income


  1. How do I win over the scepticisms and criticisms manifested by my family & others?  We all hope that our nearest and dearest will support us in our goals and ambitions.  But those same nearest and dearest are directly affected by our decisions and are asking the same questions that are listed here.


  1. How do I get the work?  The biggest difference when you first become self-employed is that work is not just given to you; you need to go out and find the people who would benefit from what you can offer and are willing to pay you for that.  It seems people’s heads are buzzing with a whole range of questions that all come under this heading.


  1. How much do I charge?  A big area of concern is around pricing and how to talk about money without embrassment.


  1. How do I build my network?  It seems people aren’t sure how to go about this and how to decidewhich networks will be most helpful when there are so many out there


  1. How do I develop the confidence to make the move?  Even when people know how smart they are and what they can “bring to the table”, they lack confidence in the areas that are new to them like sales and marketing and general business.


  1. How do I keep motivated while working in isolation?  One of the key concerns a number of people have about become self-employed and starting up on their own is that they are going feel professionally isolated especially if they are working from home


  1. How do I manage the highs and lows?  While everyone enjoys the good times, people are concerned about how they would maintain their personal resilience and confidence in difficult (low cash flow) times.


  1. How can I get everything done when I’m on my own?  People wonder how they will prioritise and manage themselves and the business effectively when they are limited to 24 hours a day and they need to split business hours effectively between generating sales and executing contracts/engagements.


  1. How do I keep on top of the ‘admin’ required to run a business?  A final concern is wondering how they will deal with all the things that were done for them when they were an employee.


All these questions and more will be answered in the FREE Taking the Plunge Audio Masterclass Series.  This is the first event of its kind for people who are thinking of becoming self-employed but need guidance and support to take the plunge confidently and successfully.  To find out more and register for a FREE place go to

Note: I am delighted to have been interviewed by Antoinette as part of the Taking The Plunge series, my contribution is how to handle the admin when you Take The Plunge – Helen





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  1. Hi Helen – looking forward to your interview tomorrow. The series is generating a lot of buzz and I got some great feedback on my session on Monday. Antoinette’s doing a great job pulling this together and adding yer own expertise to the pot.


  2. Helen

    I have really enjoyed the series and was very flattered to be asked to take part, especially with the calibre of the other speakers involved. I think Antoinette has done an amazing job of putting it together and there has been some great information shared. Thank you for your very kind comments.

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