How do you perceive your own business?

How do you perceive your own business?

It’s amazing what I think of when walking across the car park at the supermarket, don’t ask me why but for some reason I found I was wondering how people describe their self employed status to friends and acquaintances.  Something must have triggered it, and at best guess it would have been a blog or article I read via Twitter that was working on my unconscious.

I think how you describe your employment status says a lot about how you perceive your own business.  I asked a few people, conducted a mini survey, (yes I am a bit of a curious so and so I know), to see what sort of responses I found.

As you would expect most of the responses came from my friends and associates in the VA Support Group, and nearly all of them described themselves as running their own business. Not freelance. Not self employed, but running their own business.

What’s the difference? In reality it’s all just words. But words are perceived in different ways.  At the end of the day a freelancer, business owner, subcontractor are all one person, one individual; yet only one of those words implies that more than one person is involved.

Do you look on what you do as a business? Do you describe it as such?  Do you accept work as it becomes available and are happy to work one job at a time, or do you actively seek out new Clients, new work.

In the early days I found myself saying self employed.  It felt good. It felt like the total opposite of saying “I work for XYZ”, but is that enough.  Now I say I run my own business.  It sound’s bigger. If I say this I am subconsciously telling myself that I want this to be more than just me, working on my own.  I want to grow, to work with associates and networks that broaden the services that I can offer my Clients.

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