I know a man who can

I know a man who can

I hear lots of people ask what a VA is, what a VA does and why they should use one.  It’s not really a simple answer to be honest. The best description I have for what I do is that I am like a  PA but work from my own office, the only thing I can’t do for you that a traditional PA does is make your coffee!

There are many different styles of VA. Some specialise in day to day admin, some in website design, and others in Social Media. I guess I am more of an all-rounder. 

One of the strengths of both a good PA and a good VA is their connections, their inner circle.

As you will know from previous blogs you won’t find us recommending a service unless we are really happy with it. We like to test things to destruction, really play with products, and trial suppliers ourselves before we recommend them to our Clients. It’s our reputation on the line at the end of the day.

One of the things that work well in VA land is the collaboration between VAs; we talk to each other about suppliers, products and software. We recommend them to each other; we share both good and bad experiences.

We all have our own ‘circle of trust’, our network of suppliers, the ‘little black book’. The people we call on to service and provide for our Clients.

These can range from printers, caterers, event managers, stationers, website designers, SEO specialists, Financial Advisers, Social Media specialists, Accountants, Designers…the list is endless.

Do you really want to spend your day researching all these when we could do it for you? 

Your PA is your right hand, you wouldn’t expect them to do the catering for a meeting but you would expect them to know who to call. That is exactly what your VA does as well.  We are facilitators.  You tell us what needs to be done and we go off and arrange it.

Do you make the most of your PA if you have one, or do you end up spending your time doing the things that they could be doing for you? Your diary management, your research, creating your to-do list, making travel arrangements. It’s exactly the same with a VA. 

If you need something sorting just pick up the phone and brief us.  We always know a man who can!

Do what you do best and let your PA or VA do the rest.

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