This page is where we are going to profile some of our carefully chosen partners. These are companies we feel will really be of benefit to our Clients.

This month’s featured partner is Jennifer McCartney from Just Simply Accounting

As a business grows so it spends more and more time on keeping paperwork-up-to date, this is required just to meet the STATUTORY obligations of a company never mind actual review and planning for a companys success. Small businesses and sole traders are often constrained from doing as much as they should through either lack of valid information, lack of time or even lack of expertise in interpreting the numbers before them. Often a company has grown a myriad of tools, a mishmash of processes and very possibly inefficient systems just due to the organic nature of the growth. This is where Just Simply Accounting comes in we provide Big company accountancy support and benefits for small companies. We can deal with all your statutory requirements in the same way as any accountant can do. Additionally we can provide a full range of services to help you operationally, and to make informed decisions to take your business in the direction you want to go.