Look after your health

Look after your health

Okay, I guess you’re wondering why Health would be a tool for a small business. It’s simple, unless you take care of your health you won’t be able to work on your business, so it’s a no brainer that you have to take care of yourself.

I’ve been there, I know the temptation when you are starting out is to work all the hours and forego your ‘me’ time. Don’t do it. All work and no play makes Jill a sick girl.  Okay, I admit took some poetic licence there to make that fit but the message itself is a serious one.

You must allow some time for you, some ‘me’ time.  Plan it in your diary now. 

It’s too easy to get caught in the trap, especially if you work from home, of trying to do it all.  Trust me, you will probably find you work more hours now you’re self employed than you ever did when you worked for someone else, so you’ve suddenly increased your hours but all the old demands on your time are still there, the housework, the kids, your friends, the gym and so on.  Do you really want to have to give them up?

The other thing to consider is if you get ill how will you pay the bills?  The first thing I did when I went full time in my business was to contact my Financial Adviser and take out income insurance.  God forbid I should get seriously ill but I would still be able to pay my mortgage. (Contact me if you need an introduction, he does a very good job).

‘Me’ time can be anything, but it should be something outside of your business; a day out with friends, meeting up for coffee for an hour, a gym session, golf game, visit to the hairdresser or go for a run are just a few suggestions. 

It’s a good idea if you work from home to set specific times for work; leave your desk at mealtimes, and if possible go out for a walk, just to get a change of scene and some fresh air.

If you do get sick, don’t try and work through it, from experience it just drags it out and takes longer to get better.  Keep in touch with your clients, let them know what the situation is, and consider having others  you can call on should this type of situation arise. Do take the odd duvet day if you need it, remember, your business is dependent on you, you take good care of the resources you use in your business, the most important of which is you.

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