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As we do a lot of work on MailChimp for clients we have noticed that there is a misconception that MailChimp is only for traditional monthly newsletters.  It does so much more than this so here are some tips on how you can use MailChimp.

Delegate Information

If you are running an event then you can keep your delegates in touch by adding them to a separate list in MailChimp. This means you can send them pre-course information, including directions, you can send then feedback requests after the event, and you can also mail them in the future when you are running events that you think may be of interest to them.


If you run separate companies you can use one MailChimp account and just brand the lists accordingly.  You don’t have to have a separate MailChimp account for each brand that you run.  The templates within MailChimp are customisable so you can send out mailshots that reflect your website branding, and have more than one template for each brand should you wish.

Sign Up

MailChimp makes it easy for you to allow signups to your lists, from the Chimpadeedoo app that you can add to your iPad to gather sign ups at events or shows, to website integrated forms, Facebook sign up tabs and stand alone web sign up forms.


You’ve seen the 30 days of, the A-Z of, the 99 days of….you’ve probably even signed up for some of these. Well these are run on Autoresponders.  You simply set the individual messages up, then no matter when your list is signed up to the recipient automatically receives day one on the first day of their subscription.  You can also use an Autoresponder to deliver a free gift such as an ebook or pdf guide to thank people for signing up to your newsletter or list in the first place.


MailChimp integrates with CapsuleCRM, this is a two way integration and means that you can subscribe or unsubscribe your contacts to your various MailChimp lists from within CapsuleCRM.  Then, if you select the reporting, you can view which contacts have received, opened and clicked on your newsletter.


You don’t have to stick to just a monthly newsletter, you can send your list information that’s relevant to them at any time, as long as you take care not to spam them or overload them.  You may want to let them know about a webinar or event you are holding, and offer a special discount just to your newsletter subscribers, perhaps a pre-launch offer.


MailChimp has some really good reporting built into it, so you can see how effective your campaign has been and use this to measure what works and doesn’t work with your list.  You can view who has opened the campaign, what they have clicked on and much more and this is also available via the iPhone app.  You can also be notified when new subscribers sign up or if someone unsubscribes from your list.


You can set your campaigns in advance, so you can even have newsletters or campaigns going out when you are on holiday. You choose the time and the date.

Double Opt-In

MailChimp works on a double opt in, this means that when someone enters their email address to sign up to your newsletter they also have to click a link in the email they receive to confirm they do wish to subscribe. This ensures that you are only sending information to the people who actually want to receive it.  Whilst you can import lists into MailChimp please do ensure you have the recipients permission as MailChimp can freeze your account if they believe you are sending unsolicited mail.  Remember, just because someone gives you a business card it doesn’t mean they agreed to receive your newsletter!

Social Network Integration

You can even post your newsletter to Facebook or Twitter once it’s published, allowing your message to go out to a wider audience.


MailChimp is free until you hit the 2000 subscriber mark, and this free account allows you to send 12,000 messages a month. If you are on one of their monthly plans (prices vary) they will automatically adjust it each month for you so you never pay more than you need to.

So have a fresh look at what you use your lists for, consider some of the things we’ve mentioned above, and if you don’t have the time or the inclination then contact us to set it all up for you and manage it each month, you just supply the content!


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  1. MailChimp is really good, we’ve been using it for a couple of months, and I think I will be looking more closely at some of your tips. We’re doing some of them, but not everything. Thanks.

  2. Helen

    That’s good to know Nick, a lot of people use MailChimp but haven’t realised what else it can do for them.


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