New Years Resolutions – no thank you!

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It’s that time of year when we are expected to come up with our New Years Resolutions.  I don’t believe in them personally, I have seen people make rash resolutions and then beat themselves up when they fail.  I prefer not to put that much pressure on myself, and to come up with goals that will stretch me but still be achievable.

I am sure that those of you who go to the gym are familiar with what I am talking about, the first few weeks of the new year see a sudden inrush of new or return members, and then they drop off.  Having overdone it they decide its not for them or they no longer have time and spend the rest of the year paying for the membership and playing at sofa surfing.

I have read some very good advice on this subject, sadly I cannot remember the articles to refer to specifically, other than a very excellent newsletter from The Efficiency Coach, and they all have a similar message.

  • Break your targets down into smaller chunks yes have a main target to head for but set smaller mini targets along the way.  Trying to lose three stone for example, may seem very daunting, especially the first time you succumb and fall off the wagon, but breaking that down to half stone targets is much more achievable.
  • Set a goal that will help you achieve your target – one of the things I am determined to do this year is lose weight and to get back running after injury stopped me for over a year.  I have booked a 10k race in July.  Now this is booked I have to get out there and train, I no longer have an excuse to put it off until tomorrow.  What can you do to help you towards your target?
  • Reward yourself for hitting your goals or targets – if you reward yourself as you hit each target you have more incentive to stay with the journey.  It doesn’t have to be financial, such as a shopping trip, it could be something like an afternoon off work to meet with a friend, a trip to the cinema or a meal with your partner.
  • Tell someone what your goal or target is – it’s much harder to fall off the wagon if you have told people what you are aiming for. Put your goals down in writing as well so you can refer back to them and record your progress.
  • Enlist support – it’s much easier to reach your goal or target if you have support along the way.  For example if you want to lose weight then join a slimming group or forum where like minded individuals can be found, when you are having a bad day they can help re-motivate you.  If it’s business then have a mentor to support you, I have found it so helpful having a business coach to bounce ideas off and to get my head back in the right place after a bad day.  This external support is invaluable, and this outside view often helps you see the wood for the trees.  It certainly helped me massively last year and made me realise where I want my business to be and how I can get there.
  • Don’t beat yourself up when you hit an obstacle.  It happens.  Accept that it has happened, celebrate instead how far you have come and pick yourself up and carry on.  I once remember weight loss being described as a journey, some people can take the direct route i.e Lands End to John O Groats, whereas others take the scenic route.  The destination is the same, it’s just a different way of getting there, remember not everyone is the same. Don’t compare yourself to others, your journey is unique to you, and if it helps in regards to my weight loss I think I am taking the round the world cruise option!

So go ahead share your goals in the comments section below or tell us your best tips for how to stay focused.

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