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This is an extract from the A to Z of Small Business Tools

This free PDF printer is one of the best I have come across.  It allows you to save in different quality levels, ensuring that your artwork looks as good in the document as when you designed it, yet also allows for compression so the recipient doesn’t have to wait ages for the document to load.



Once installed PrimoPDF shows up in your regular list of printers, just select the option that you require from the pop up screen shown above, and click on ‘Create PDF’.  You then get to specify the save location on your machine.  If you have selected the Post Process of ‘Open PDF’ you can see how the completed document appears.


PrimoPDF allows you to append pages to a document.  Imagine you are preparing a document for a client consisting of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and web pages.  You need to print them in the correct order, but you can append to an existing document.  This is much simpler than the old method of printing everything off and then scanning it in as one document.

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