Pinterest…my next big addiction?

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I was only introduced to Pinterest last week, as usual it was Nikki Pilkington who introduced me to it, the woman behind my Twitter addiction, and I am hooked!

So what is Pinterest?  They describe themselves as an online pinboard where you can organise and share things you love.

Doesn’t sound very business like does it? Much like Twitter it has a balance to it, it shows you who the people are.  Unlike Google+ that seems to me to be just a stream of posts Pinterest is  a truly visual experience and I do love good images and photography.

When you set up Pinterest you can set up your profile as you would with any other social site, although you do have a few more characters available for your profile.  Links are available to one website, Twitter, Facebook and it offers an RSS feed of your pins.


Think of boards as being the topics you want to share or record.  I have a mix of boards, one for humour (all those wordy images you see on Facebook and love but wish they didn’t clutter up your timeline), one for business books I like, one for non business books, a wish list of things I have seen and would like to buy when I can afford them, a board for both my businesses where I can share information that is relevant to that audience, a board where I can post interesting information I find relating to WordPress and Blogging, an aspirations board for when I win the lottery (for surely I must one day) and can finally build my dream home, a bucket list and a board for running posts and images.  What you choose to share is purely down to you, but as you can see there is a mix there of business and me.  I am sure that you can get a good idea of who I am from the images and posts I choose to share.


A pin is the individual image or post.  Just as you would pin an image to your mood board in your office, you can pin an image or post to your Pinterest board.

You can re-pin, that is to share someone elses image or post on your own board, or you can add your own content.  They make it easy with their browser add ons that allow you to simply press a button on whichever website  you are on.  Pinterest is image based so you wont be able to pin a webpage that doesn’t have an image on it.

When you press the pin button it scours the web page for images and allows you to select the one you want, choose which board you want to pin to and add in your own description.  You also have the option of sharing this to Facebook and Twitter as well. (Remember if you are sharing to Twitter and Facebook to put a description or all your followers will see is a link with no explanation, and to take the tick out of the box if you don’t want to share it to these sites)


As long as you show some moderation there is no reason why you cannot use Pinterest to promote your business. I know people who are making sales from it already, they have a category for ‘Products’.  I think that if you are a Photographer, Interior Designer or create craft items you really should be on there, but there is no reason why a trainer, coach or author shouldn’t be on there as long as you have good visual images to share your content with.


I personally prefer the mobile app to the website, I find it a lot easier to navigate.  Certainly there is a free iPhone option which can be added to iPad but remember to click the x2 button so you can view it in full screen.  I haven’t been able to figure out the paid iPad option yet so wouldn’t recommend buying it.

WordPress Plug Ins

If you want people to be able to pin your posts to their Pinterest boards there are several wordpress plug ins available, I’ve tried two of them.

Pinterest Plug in for WordPress by Phil Derksen is a basic Pin It button and takes no managing, appearing at the bottom of your posts.

Pin It on Pinterest by Flaunt Your Site gives you an option when writing your post to add a specific image and to pre-populate the description box.  Don’t go for this option if you don’t want to spend time adding the image separately and writing a description as it won’t add the pin it button to your posts if they’re not completed.  It also doesn’t add the pin to pre-existing posts.


Having been launched in 2010 the site is still in Beta which means you need to be invited in order to join, let me know if you would like an invite, they are not restricted as they were with the roll out of Google+.

If you want to find me on Pinterest I am as I have to confess the search function is very hit and miss!

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  1. Great clear instructions how to use Pinterest. I’ve Pinned It!

  2. Nice post Helen, I also like the Pin it on Pinterest plugin and iphone app.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..Pinterest and WordPress – tools you’ll love #bloggingMy Profile

  3. A great intro into Pinterest, like you I think there are still some issues that need fixing, such as the measurement of followers.

    It also seems a little erratic as to how it displays your Pins on your Facebook wall.

  4. Phew, I thought I was mad and the only one loving Pinterest!

    Yes, I can see why it is still in beta, but I can see it will be great for web designers like myself, both for collecting inspiration and for creating mood boards with clients.

  5. I’m a total pinterest addict. I have my own pinterest page and also started one for my site too and it works well. I’m now double the addict! Pinteresting is now amongst my hobbies 🙂
    Sarah recently posted..Whitney Houston (1963-2012)My Profile

  6. Helen

    I’d be interested to hear how you get on with the business page Sarah as I had read somewhere that they don’t like business, the advice was 90% you on your boards and 10% business stuff. I’m now following you on both your pages and looking forward to sharing pins. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Helen

    No Helen, you’re not mad, just sharing many of the same addictions as me 😉 I’ve recommended Pinterest to several clients and friends who are in creative industries as I think it’s a great showcase for them for their products and also to share their taste as well. I think it has huge potential and really look forward to seeing the growth over the coming months.

  8. Helen

    I think that there are several issues that need fixing, it’s always crashing on the iPad app, it’s practically impossible to find the people I know are on there unless they send me their unique URL, as you say the followers is erratic just to name a few, that said I love it!

  9. Natasha Gopinko

    Pinterest is the most happening thing currently in the social network market and is also attracting lot of new people. To be honest I learned something new in this post even if its my first time to know.
    Natasha Gopinko recently organizingMy Profile

  10. mjd48

    Enjoyed this article I too have discovered pinterest in the last week and see it as an aspect of social media that will help biz if used constructively. Still blundering around but it has the potential to be addictive.

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