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Mar 7, 2012 by

Today see’s the launch of my latest book, 30 Day Kindle Success Challenge, a guide on getting your eBook published on Kindle.  Of course, this is a service we offer our clients but there’s no alchemy involved, no secret code or language, you could actually do it yourself if you want.

I’ve agreed to write another in the 30 Day Challenge series of books for Nikki Pilkington, this time on getting converting your eBook into a print book, again another service we carry out for clients.

I recently read a book on my Kindle by self publishing author John Locke.  He’s the 8th author to hit the Kindle million seller list, and the first self publisher to achieve it.  Yes, a self publisher has sold over a million books on Kindle.

It used to be that getting your book in print was a time consuming and costly process, you’d have to order so many copies your spare room was full of boxes, and you had to sell and promote them all yourself.

Now, with the range of self publishing tools out there it is possible to get your book in print for very little cost.

I’ve been working with three different publishing platforms recently for my own books, and did notice a huge difference in cost, time and print quality and will be doing a review of them all at a later date, suffice it to say within a few days of submitting my document I had a print copy in my hand.  I’m not sure I can tell you just how good that feels.  Lets just say it was a Tigger moment, I was jumping up and down for joy.

I’ll be adding some print publishing packages to our list of services over the next few weeks, but it’s really a bespoke service, there are so many factors to consider, but if this is something you’d like to outsource then give me a call on 01904 890212 and join our other happy authors who now have their books not just on Kindle but also in print.

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  1. An interesting article – I self-published my first book over a year ago and it has sold very well, although virtually stopped now. Am interested in getting it on Kindle but seems a lot of hard work and wondered how much you would charge to do it please?

  2. Helen

    Hi Sue, it all depends on the content, I have some offers here but it depends on what formatting needs doing to make it work on Kindle and the number of words involved. Happy for you to drop me a Word file over to give you an accurate quote if you like, or you can check out my latest book 30 Day Kindle Success Challenge which guides you through the process for doing it yourself.

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