We offer formatting for both fiction and non-fiction books. Our clients cover everything from self help books to erotic romance. Your book will be provided in both ebook and print formats, and if you need we can also assist with uploading to the book sale websites as well as sourcing editors and cover designers.

Prices vary according to the manuscript so contact us for your quote today. eBooks start from £25.00.

WordPress Updating

Struggling to keep on top of your website? Then we can look after it for you, everything from adding content supplied by you, to updating plug ins and running backups.

Social Media Posting

Social Media posting is a time consuming task that we can take off your hands. We can schedule the content you provide across a number of channels.  Why not have a different daily theme to encourage users to seek out your posts such as meme Monday or Tuesday tips. You’ll still need to respond to your followers, but this way the hardest part of the job is done for you.

Event Management

Whether its coordinating attendees for a weekly networking event or organising a full scale conference we can take the strain. With experience across a range of events we can offer advice and support, or even take over the management of the event for you.

Document Branding

Personalising your word and accounts templates for letterheads, invoices, quotes, business cards, compliment slips etc.  so that you can print them yourself until you are ready to have them professionally printed.  This is ideal for start up companies.

Mail Shots

We can create and post your mail shots from your database including carrying out the follow up phone calls. 


Microsoft PowerPoint presentations – either for viewing on your PC or packaged onto CD and branded with your logo.


We can arrange your accommodation and travel requirements for you.


We can keep in regular contact with your Client base for you, including newsletters, mail shots, birthday cards, Christmas cards, Anniversary and thank you cards. This is available as a Pay as You Go service or monthly packages are available. 

PDF Creation

Documents produced in pdf format for viewing on any machine, this ensures that your quotations, invoices and documents are viewed exactly as you intend them to be and also ensures they cannot be tampered with.


Spreadsheets written to your requirements.


Creation, maintenance and updating of databases, and assistance in purchasing your data  as well.

Scanning & Archiving

We can scan your incoming post, your important documents such as invoices, and correspondence that is required to comply with legislative standards, so that you can quickly and easily transfer information to your Accountant or Governing body if required.  Helping to reduce the amount of paper you need to store.  We can scan to CD, online storage, memory card etc. 

Internet Research & Submission

Do you need information finding from the internet quickly?  You may need us to research a product or search for reviews, or you may just want your business adding to various online listing directories.

Online Stores

Updating of web stores with pricing or other information as required.

Anything else? 

Thought of something else we have not listed.  Then just drop us an email and we will see if we can do it for you!