Hand picking up green telephoneCall Answering

Our call answering package is available as a standalone service and starts at £30.00 per month and includes 20 inclusive calls. The messages are emailed to you as soon as they are taken. Any calls over the 20 are charged at £1.50 each. Should you prefer SMS messages these are available at a cost of 15p each. The service works 9-5 and is only closed weekends and bank holidays.

The service works better when clients keep us informed, ie if you are away from the office and wont be able to return calls until the following day we can let callers know this rather than just send you the message. We find callers are much happier if they are kept informed of things like this and there are no false expectations.

Here at HLS Business Solutions we use our own call answering service, sometimes we cant get to the office phone when we are in the office, or simply need to concentrate on a task at hand. From our experience clients prefer to talk to a person rather than an answerphone. The team take as much information as possible for you so that when you return the call you are actually responding to the enquiry that was raised rather than ringing to find out what the caller wanted and then having to make another call to respond later.

The call answering team are based in an office up in Scotland and have no distractions such as children or pets running around in the background, and because they are all in one office it enables the quality of the call handling to be monitored.

There are options available for voice mail messages, sms messages etc. These are shown on the order form.