Taking the plunge, following the dream…

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Well as my first anniversary of full time self employment approaches I wondered if I should take stock, review and so forth.   Did I make the right decision? Absolutely! Taking the plunge, following my dream, call it what you will, becoming self employed has been one of the best things I have ever done.  Are there things I would have done differently? Yes, but I suspect if you asked anyone in a similar position they would give you the same answer.  However, by collaborating with others in my field I have not made mistakes that I would have without the benefit of their experience and advice.

Am I the same person I thought I was a year ago? No, I’m a much stronger person than I thought.  I have surprised myself quite honestly with what I have achieved.  I’m no longer self employed, I now own a business.  I used to think the two things mean the same, however, after listening to lots of advice over the past year I now realise that they are two different things. Being self employed is you doing all the work. Without your hours of work there is no turnover.  Owning a business means that your income is not solely dependent on your hours of work.  It doesn’t mean that I have to employ others, I don’t. What it means is that I have learned to practice what I preach and outsource.

If you had asked me twelve months ago where I thought I would be now, I would never have thought I could have achieved as much as I have.  From part time to full time in six months was a huge achievement for me, to then take that just six months later into a team effort was unthinkable.  I now work with a fantastic team of handpicked Virtual Assistants.

Some weeks it feels like I learn something new every day, I love learning new things, it keeps us fresh, be that new technology, a shortcut I didn’t know existed in the software I have used for years, or just learning from someone else’s experience, each new step, each new learning curve is of value.

I talk to others about my business, not just from the same industry, and the insights that they give are invaluable. Have you ever noticed how someone external can see things that you can’t. That’s how it works. We look at client’s businesses in the same way, we sometimes make suggestions that the client may not have considered.

Because we love cloud and virtual technology we can introduce new ideas and products that avoid duplication, make information more readily available, and help our clients work smarter not harder.

So here I am, a year on, a year older yes, but much wiser, and also much happier. I love the job I do, and I love helping others to enjoy their business rather than just working on it.

What was the best thing about running your business? What’s the worst thing? What’s surprised you the most? What’s the hardest thing? Please comment below, it will be interesting to hear how others are getting on.

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  1. You took the plunge, you followed your dream, you made mistakes, you learnt more than you thought possible, you have made new friends, you own a successful, growing buisness and most importantly you are happy.
    I feel the same. Running my own business has added so many experiences to my life, made me face up to my fears, feel joy I didn’t know existed and put me in contact with so many people I would never have met otherwise.
    Well done x

  2. I’m so glad you mentioned learning above – it’s one of my favourite aspects of being in business. You really never know what you’re going to learn (or who from) – but you DO know that virtually every day will present you with a new challenge to overcome.

    As someone who falls quite solidly into the ‘problem solver’ type, it’s the challenges and the opportunities for ‘hands on’ learning which really get me going!


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