Virtual Assistants run their own business so we do understand yours

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I recently hosted a twitter meet up for fellow Virtual Assistants on Twitter using a fab new tool I have been introduced to called Twebevent, it allows you to schedule a meeting, and to then follow the conversation on the day, automatically adding the hashtag for you when you post.   We were talking about setting up as a Virtual Assistant.  It was a great conversation and has given me lots of information to turn into blog posts over on the intelligentVA website.

What struck me most however was the response from Twitter followers who weren’t Virtual Assistants.  Those that run their own small business were intrigued and found it really useful, although felt they couldn’t join in as it wasn’t for them. (Note: If you see me talking on Twitter and you have something that you think is relevant then jump in and say hello and join in the conversation, I won’t bite.)

This is where working with a Virtual Assistant can have real benefits for your business.  We have years of experience behind us, working for Managing Directors, Chief Executives, Financial Directors and so on.  During that time we learned some really valuable things.  We made some excellent contacts and have continued to build our network since we started our own business.  And that’s the key really, we run our own business.

So yes we understand the pressures and problems that come with running a business.  In fact we understand more than you realise.  You are running your business, we’re running ours and helping build our clients businesses as well, often across a variety of industries.  This means we can bring best practice based on these experiences to your business.

Have you ever noticed how it’s easier to advise someone else on their business problems? How it’s easier to brainstorm with others, because sometimes you’re just too close to the problem?  This is where your Virtual Assistant can be a godsend.

A good Virtual Assistant wont just do your mailshots, answer your calls or keep you up to date with your bookkeeping. They’ll be giving you feedback, sharing best practice, sharing experience, suggesting ways you could improve your business processes or asking if you’ve ever thought of doing x,y.z.

I’ve been able to share my experience with clients in so many different ways.  They’ve now written books that they never thought they would write.   They’ve shared their experience in email training courses.  They’ve improved their cashflow simply by having a better invoicing process.  They’ve saved thousands because we’ve taken the time to review their outgoings properly, and they’ve kept their business afloat because we introduced a cashflow forecast in one instance.  These are just a few examples of the things we can help with that most people wouldn’t think of when they hear the word Virtual Assistant.

Here at HLS Business Solutions we are here to support your business and you. Why not give us a call today  on 01904 890212 and see what we can do for you.

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  1. Great post Helen and twebevent looks a good spot.

    I think a VA is like an Ipad…you don’t know what they can do until you get one. And then you wonder what you ever did before you had one

    Using a VA (!) has given me a pro-active, motivated, supportive and creative business partner not just someone who takes the jobs I don’t want to do. The freeing of ‘headspace’ is still important though but I think it’s the inner feeling of confidence in knowing that someone you trust is in your corner with you that I have really noticed about having a VA.

    I know I wouldn’t have launched my book ’30 Day Sales Challenge'(in conjunction with Nikki Pilkigton) without your invaluable help

  2. When people ask me, I always tell them that you’re ‘more than just a VA’. That’s not to knock VAs, but I think often people think of them as someone to do a bit of admin, maybe some invoicing, and not much more.

    I know I was guilty of that before I worked with you Helen.

    But since working with you you’ve become a vital part of my business, with ideas, motivation and friendship.

    You care about my business as much as I do and have been a big part of my growth over the last few years.

    I’d recommend anyone looking for a little extra in their business to hire a VA and see what they can do to help them grow.
    Nikki Pilkington recently posted..Why Small Business Should Start Taking Blogging More SeriouslyMy Profile

  3. Well said Helen!

    Love Gary’s iPad analogy, so true!

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