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I take great pride in helping my clients become more efficient and also in helping them cut costs, unecessary costs that is.  I have one client who in our first year of working together saved over £3,000.00 from implementing the suggestions that I made.  These included reviewing insurance suppliers, telecoms suppliers and stationery suppliers to name but a few.

One of the areas where we can save costs is to review our inclusive call packages with our telecoms providers.  More importantly look at what is NOT included and make sure you don’t make that type of call unless it’s an emergency.

Did you realise that ringing a free phone number from your mobile most likely isn’t free? It begins with 08 and if you read the small print will be a chargeable call.  I’ve always suggested that clients use a landline for 08 numbers as it is cheaper.  Some mobile tariffs do allow unlimited calls to landlines or other users on their network.

Some landline providers don’t include calling 08 numbers or mobiles on their inclusive packages.

Are you confused yet? I’m not surprised. Where do you start?

  • Check your tariff closely, what is and isn’t included in your inclusive minutes – now work out which phone to use for which calls.
  • Check how long an inclusive call can last, some have time limits imposed – you may need to set a timer to ensure you don’t go over the time limit.
  • Make use of Saynoto0870 – the website itself is very dated and hard to navigate but could save you a fortune on your phone bill.  Simply enter the 08 number you have been given and it will search its database for a local number for you to call instead, saving you money whichever phone you make the call from.  This site alone will save one of my clients in the region of £50 per phone bill.  He loves it so much he tells all his friends about it as well.
  • Do you need to make your call via a phone? Have you considered Skype? If both of you have a Skype account you can hold a voice conversation for free!
  • Make 0800 calls from your landline, they should be free.
  • Make it easier for your customers to save money when they ring you and use a geographic number rather than an 08 number, or give them the option of both.
  • Check out your last phone bill, what calls were you charged for and why? Could you have saved money if you had used a different phone?
  • Not all 08 numbers are included when the telecoms provider offers them as inclusive. Make sure you know what is included and what is not.
  • Are you exceeding your text message or data allowance on your mobile phone bill? If it’s a regular occurence there may be a bolt on or add on that could save you money.
  • When was the last time you reviewed your telecom provider? Are you at the end of your contract? Are there any special offers they have for loyal customers? With many providers if you don’t ask you don’t get.

The above may sound like penny pinching exercises but you would be surprised at just how much you can save over the course of a year, and of course if you don’t have time to review this yourself we can do it for you! Just call us on 01904 890212 (geographic number!) for more information.
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