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I have been working with Clients recently creating Autoresponders in MailChimp.  Some people hear me say this and ask me to translate it into English for them!  What do I mean by an autoresponder?  It’s an automated response to an action by a subscriber to your mailing list.  You may remember in a recent post I discussed using MailChimp not just for monthly newsletters, but other activities as well.

Have you ever considered giving your mailing list subscribers an incentive for signing up?  I am in the process of updating my ‘free gift’, it used to be a free pdf guide to using Twitter for Business but will shortly become an e-course on some of my favourite cloud based tools.  Your incentive can be a one off document or fact sheet that is sent to your new subscriber once they have confirmed their subscription, or it could be an e-course, and timed to arrive in the subscribers inbox every day, every few days or to a schedule arranged by you.

MailChimp has an intelligent autoresponder system and allows us to send these a certain number of days after the subscription confirmation has been received.  What this means to you is that once you have written your e-course and it has been converted in MailChimp it doesn’t matter when you get the new sign up, they will always start with day one of the course.

There are many ways that you can use this but having written an A to Z for my other website I would be cautious of offering this as a suggestion.  There were several tools beginning with the same letter I wanted to use, and then of course there were the letters of the alphabet that required a lot of creative thinking!  It’s better to do a Top 10 Tips, 30 Days of, the 12 Days of… as these are easier to write.

Each days autoresponder is created as a unique document, so you can write 100 Days of but just remember that’s 100 templates that require editing and setting up!

These autoresponders are sometimes called free gifts, e-courses, incentives or can be a downright bribe, but remember that you want the subscriber to stay a subscriber, so ensure that the content of the e-course or offer is relevant and relates to the services you offer and the content you will include in your newsletter.

When you look at frequency and content ask yourself what would you do if you received it in your inbox.  If you are doing an e-course make it short and sharp and interesting with a call to action for each day.  Is the content something you would open every day or is it going to stay in your inbox unread or even filtered out to that newsletter folder you set up?  If you wouldn’t want to read it every day then why should your subscribers?

Remember you can have separate mailing lists in MailChimp, you may have an e-course you would like to offer that will only be sent to people who ask for it and is totally separate to your monthly newsletter list.  This isn’t a problem, we can create new lists for you with customised sign up forms, and if you have a WordPress site we can even code the sign up page and offer for you as well.

Why not have a think about what you could offer your own mailing list and new subscribers, then give us a call on 01904 890212 to see how we can help you set it all up.

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  1. Just wondering WHY ANYONE would sign up to receive veiled sales pitches (sorry “newsletters”) without receiving something in return…

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