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May 4, 2011 by

by Nicola Wilson

Xero Touch m.xero.com is the newly released mobile app from Xero online accounting.

Expenses can be submitted as soon as an item is purchased. Details can be entered into Xero via your mobile phone and then forgotten about. At the moment, you will still need to keep the ticket safe and file it upon your return to the office.

BUT…if you have an iPhone, once Xero Touch has been submitted to the App Store, you can take a photo of the receipt to upload into Xero. You will then always have a copy of the receipt. No more hunting down bits of paper or trying to remember what a purchase was for. At the end of the month, your expense claim can be submitted within a few seconds, ready for approval and reimbursement.

You can also create sales invoices within Xero, from your phone, perhaps on your return from working with a client. These can be saved as draft, ready for future sales to be added or approved and emailed to the client straight away.

It can improve your cash flow significantly by sending clients invoices on the day the work was completed, as the time until you get paid is reduced.

Another way of improving cash flow is to contact the client as soon as the invoice is overdue. With Xero Touch, this often neglected task can be carried out whenever there is an opportunity.

If you have bank feeds set up into your Xero account, the balances will show as correct and up-to-date within Xero Touch. At the moment, reconciliation from the app is not possible but will be available in the future, just in case you have a few spare moments away from the office!

All contact details are available in Xero Touch, so checking a client’s address whilst on the way to a meeting is done very easily from your phone.

Also, notes can be made against the clients, and available upon return to the office.

This is the first release of Xero Touch, it is already a very useful tool. I am eagerly looking forward to further functionality in future releases.


Nicola Wilson set up in business in 2006 after qualifying as a bookkeeper with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. She offers bookkeeping support, training and advice as well as being a great advocate of Xero online accounting.  She is a Xero Certified Advisor as well as training others on how to use Xero.

Nicola has always worked with numbers as she was previously a draughtsman to Consulting Engineers in Oxford and then an estimator for a handmade tile and flooring company. She lives in Cheshire with her husband and two children.

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  1. Fab post Nicola!

    I am sooooo looking forward to October when I can join the ranks of the iPhone-clad masses. Fantastic feature!

  2. Helen

    It’s not just for iPhone users Sarah, what phone do you have?

  3. Great post Nicola. I am so determined to get to grips with Xero, the functionality looks fantastic and I too will be joining the iPhone brigade later this month. I will also share your post with a couple of bookkeepers I know as they’re exploring Xero.

    Keep the info coming.

  4. Nicola Wilson

    Thanks Sarah, I know how much you love Xero! As Helen says Xero Touch works on many smart phones, not just the iPhone. Although it will be submitted to the Apple market first the plans are for it to then be submitted it to the Android market. As always, Xero Touch will be become more functional with further releases.

    Thanks to you to Victoria for spreading the word about Xero. If anybody has any queries they are more than welcome to contact me or Helen. If you want more information about Xero in general I’m sure Helen will be asking for more guest blogs!

  5. I’ve got a Blackberry… *sighs*

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