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One thing that is becoming apparent when I talk to my colleagues is that our Clients love to use us as sounding boards.  It’s an aspect of our role that we  all love. And it’s something we seem to be very good at as well.

The difference between an employee in your office and a good Virtual Assistant is not just experience in the job, it’s the experience we can offer as a business owner as well.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you’re just too close to a situation to spot the answer yourself?  Yet when you talk to your peers the answer was pretty obvious all along?  There are many networking groups set up on this premise.

The idea is that by sharing your business issue with others in a similar position you get different solutions to the problem, often times something you hadn’t considered.  I was a panellist on a webinar for Virtual Assistants recently and we were answering problems raised by other Virtual Assistants.  On the call the panellists were a marketing expert, a training expert and myself.  What was interesting was that nearly every question we were asked we all offered different solutions.  None of the answers was wrong, but they were all very different.  It was this outside perspective that allowed us to consider other options and it was very refreshing.

I have clients who ring and ask my thoughts before they make certain business decisions, often they know what they are going to do, they just like to get that second opinion.  Sometimes we just chat about the various options available to them in order to achieve a particular goal.  Sometimes they ring in order for me to dissuade them from a path that they already know is the wrong one for them.

Working closely with your Virtual Assistant isn’t just about outsourcing work to them, it’s about having that ally on the end of the phone, that one person who is as passionate about your business as you are, they are working with you because they want to, not because they have to.  It’s an attitude.

So next time you’re considering what route to take in your business why not chat it over with your Virtual Assistant, you never know, they may have a solution for you.  You already have that resource at hand, make the most of it and use it to its full potential.

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  1. Nice post – most people these days are either TOO nice – let’s say you go to a business networking meeting – everyone will go out of their way to be friendly and welcoming…

    or TOO rude. People who are rude and bad mannered are looked upto these days. (I don’t watch them but I am pretty sure that almost all “vote” TV progs have a Mr/Mrs Nasty on the judging panel).

    What everyone needs is someone to warn them if them are going to do something silly..

    In fact, a colleague the other day even said that it was “basic business sense” to surround yourself with critical friends..

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